Friday, July 17, 2009

OK, I'm going to be honest, I don't usually follow along with everyone else. I'm more of a dance to the tune of a different instrument, much less drummer, sorta person. Still, I'm feeling lazy and people need to know I'm not all depressed lately so I will give those who dare not get sucked into the whale that is twitter (there's a twitter joke there) for feel that it will_kill_you a glimpse into the beast from the safety of blogger.

Also, I have been using a lot of run ons lately to make up for the 140 character limit in twitter.

1) when someone who is basically bald on top has long hair is it still considered a mullet?
According to @weightwhat it is a skullet

2) @marni71 I assume he meant WTFrak right?
He did

3) Cinabon wished their cinnamon rolls tasted as good as CiCi's

4) I'm in the dollar store. I didn't know we were coming so I'm way over dressed

5) They have an Apples to Apples Bible edition but I'd feel wrong putting down highly inappropriate cards.
This was found at the Christian book store near the dollar store not in the dollar store.

6) ok now that's just funny right there THe Bible told via legos

7) I like my new spam follower "has joined a cult that worships that badger's recreational football" I'd join that cult just for the laughs

8) "called spam blogs, and can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links,"
By that definition @FOTTSP is a spam blog.

9) @Helenatrandom well I might have some cybernetic parts from a failed build project ...

10) @HerbieGookins how gross, now ur talking about genetics? Next thing you know a certain b-day girl will say something about moaning
The birthday girl is @CandySteele and the moaning is probably mentioned on a few other blogs.

11) I love the way Brad Pitt says Natzies in that new Quintin Terrantino WWII film. From now on that is how I'll be pronouncing it.

12) @katdish throw off the shackles of rl where you have to bathe and stuff. become one with the twitter

13) ok just order guitar hero world tour band kit. Step one to building guitar hero working band set complete

14) Hey guys you can't leave yet. @crowderband left a comment on my blog. Life goal achievement points here people.
Seriously. Also I may have mention this 2-12 times in addition to this.

15) @weightwhat I don't have a problem and I'm not addicted to twitter. I can quit anytime. I"m just going outside for some fresh air.

16) @katdish I admit it is the best shiny vampire love story I have never read

17) @Helenatrandom I am neither offensive nor in need of supervision ... just don't ask my MIL

18) at band practice I said "wicked" and the students were all "that's so cool, like uber" yeah I felt old.

19) I just killed a fly in mid air with my bare hands. Stupid flies.

20) Why do parents have to ever say hurtful things to their kids?

21) Newsboys is covering jesus freak

22) So @crowderband just said it gets hot in TX during the summer #understatementofthecentury

23) Someone tell me when the turned up shirt collor camp back cuz I just saw a guy STRUTTING the look

24) @ofmercy things r going great. Fun rollercoasters and concerts 4 the past 3 days

25) Slept like a dream last night. Sinus meds+ear plugs+no MIL dreams=happyNtG

26) Do u ever see a plane flying high in the night sky and wonder where its going and who is on it?

27) Switchfoot has a cricket backup section with confused firefly light effects. Kinda cool.

28) WWKD? Yell "shiny" during a concert so that's what I did

29) Ok this is weird I'm being recorded at the concert by the band to post for twitter which I'm tweeting

30) The lead singer for Fireflight has piebald hair
It makes it look freakin' cool when she head bangs.

Ok that has been the twitter week in review. Everything was said by me and I limited to just 30 unlike some of the other twitter hoes. I'm not naming names but most of @FOTTSP is on the list. Like what you see then follow please. Don't like it, then why are you reading this blog?


katdish said...

So THAT'S what a skullet is!

The David Crowder comment was quite impressive...

The most famous person that ever commented on my blog was either Pete Wilson or Jon Acuff.

David Crowder Band? That's pretty heady stuff, even if they are incredibly down to earth.

Helen said...

I would agree that the top 100 tweets was a massive undertaking I won't be doing every week.

I still think you need supervision. Just kidding. No I'm not...Well maybe...You really can't be sure, can you?

jasonS said...

The skullet thing is gold!

I guess bald can be business in front too with the party in the back. Don't discriminate against the follically challenged...

Nick the Geek said...

way to show up for the twitter post. Yeah I felt pretty good when they commented but I wonder if that big time highlight is why the garbage happened. God probably doesn't want me to have too big a head.

Be careful, you are agreeing with my MIL, is that a road you really wanna go down?

Yeah @weightwhat made me laugh pretty hard with that comeback to my question.

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