Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enter another age of insane busyness (the first time I typed that I substituted the y for an i but that's a whole other word. I love English). The school at the church is finishing up this week and I'm involved with the end of the year play, the preschool graduation, and the high school graduation. Last night was preschool graduation. I understand needing practices like every day for two weeks. They are 5 so you can't expect them to get it on the first run through. They had like 3 songs plus counting to 25 and reciting the 10 commandments in order. I'll stop right there because that's enough. I mean really can you recite the 10 commandments in order? Yeah which comes first don't murder or honor your parents?

What I don't get it the high school graduation having like a million rehearsals. There is one graduating senior this year. Just one! When I graduated we had over 500 graduating seniors and we had one rehearsal the morning of. No one got confused and walked the wrong way. There was no idiot that threw his hat into the air during the valedictorian speech, and I graduated with a few big time morons. The whole thing went very smooth with just the one dry run and it was great. Why do we need 5 dummy runs (sounds like Buster drank the water down in Mexico) for a single graduate? Also why is he giving the valedictorian speech? Ok, I get that he is the top of his class, but he is also the bottom. Yeah just let him give a speech but you don't have to call it a valedictorian speech. It can't really even be called a typical valedictorian address because they are supposed to speak to the class. If he follows this pattern he'll be up on stage addressing himself, which is weird even for me.

Anyways, I do have some good news to share. I got to fly yesterday. It was a lot of fun but the harness wasn't quite tight enough on the one side and it pinched into my leg in a very tender spot. I was wearing my Superman shirt (I say that like I don't have more than one) so that made it even more frigintastic. They use to do an annual Easter production at the church and for the finale of several of the productions Jesus would ascend into Heaven. This was accomplished through a harness under the white robes and a cable winch mounted at the top of the vaulted ceiling. It is very high up. I have a 16 foot step ladder and even on the top not a step I come a few feet short of the top of the building and I can reach 8 feet up. Anyways I needed to get to the top and I didn't want to get the massive ladder we use to get that high. It is scary and un believably heavy. It is solid wood and starts at 16 foot (actually it's a foot or so taller than the 16 footer) then there is another ladder that extends from the middle of this one that can go up another 10 feet or so. I hate climbing on that because it moves while you are on it.

To avoid getting on the big ladder I used the winch that had been left in place. I flew up to where I needed to be and did most of what I needed to do but then found I couldn't reach over far enough for the last bit so I had to get the big ladder out. Still I got to fly so I'm ok with that. Then again I saw how they had the winch secured and I got more than a little nervous. I really don't like that they don't do things correctly around this church. Well they didn't, but now I'm going back through and fixing things as best as I can. That keeps me pretty freakin busy without going to a million rehearsals for a high school graduation.


katdish said...

Seriously? One graduate? Never heard of such a thing.

But flying? Kewl.

Nick the Geek said...

I've heard of that but admitedly it is a small Christian school. A few years ago they were up to 4-5 grads and that was in the hay day of the school. The entire "high school" has 7 students. I'm of the opinion that we nix the HS and focus on fixing the rest of the school then building the HS by offering a special scholarship to anyone that graduates based on the length of time they attend the school. Everyone is afraid to cut anything for fear of the rest falling, but if they don't act the rest will fall anyways.

Jewda said...

That's amazing. I wonder if he'll get scholarships for his valedictorian status.

I remember last year was insane for me, too. I worked at a church with a preschool and elementary. I think the last week was filled with K-3 graduation, K-4 graduation, K-5 graduation, and of course, 6th grade graduation - not to mention being the driver for every end of the year field trip. That's what everyone needs while trying to pack up all of his belongings to move 1000 miles away. I'm well rested now, though, and I can finally appreciate that insane week.

Helen said...

His class reunions will be lonely....though easy to get to...and frequent...

Greg said...

Well, it doesn't have to be a private school to have one graduate. When I was in De Land, IL, there was only one grad at the public school, and they shared a district with a neighboring town. There were seven the year before, and three the year after, so it went up and down.

Ah! Agricultural communities!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

He should just tweet his speech and be done. Poor guy. Would be easier to sit at the kitchen table with the fam in your cap and gown.

You have small children and a wife. You should not be hanging from ceiling cables. Consider this your mother talking, but I'm glad you're on terra firma.

Nick the Geek said...


Yeah the end of the year at the school comes at a really bad time for me. I wish it was earlier in the year because I have to get all my summer fun started, but it actually works out ok. This is a crazy week that concludes with a trip to Six Flags for our grads. Last year we did the banquet like they always have done but I decided that wasn't an accurate expression of the celebration so we are kicking it up a notch. Next week is the start of the Summer movie nights and then we have a block party followed by a vacation at the worst possible time but my mother-in-law is a teacher so its the only time for her .... yeah the list just keeps growing but its all good. I'll relax between rounds of super mega frigintastic ultimate Frisbee in heaven.

I never thought of that. That is kinda sad. Of course I found out about our class reunion about one week after it was over. Oh well I didn't have time to make it. I can't believe I graduated over 10 years ago.

Yep that is the kinda fund stuff I had heard of from other rural districts. I know of a place that still runs a one room school house and they don't have graduations every year because there aren't always graduates.

Wow one person comments on my hang time. If it makes you feel better my wife was the one running the winch and she was less scared with me going up that than she was the gigantor ladder.

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