Saturday, May 2, 2009

So I just found one of the best possible examples of booty God booty. Someone started following me on twitter, side note if you aren't following me you should, and so I went to look at their feed to see if I'd follow back. I'm not sure which way I'll go in this but let me show you a handful of the tweets. Pay attention to the bolded tweet.


this weekend could possibly turn out to be the best of my life! :)

Has anybody heard of this swine flu epidemic coming from Mexico and killing people. Praise God that Jesus heals.

j[...]s people hot weather doesn't mean you can wear any g[...]amn thing you want...cover your titties please!
I had to edit just a bit but I think you can figure out the words all on your own. The entire feed looks like this.

So should I follow back?


katdish said...

No! You should not follow back! But you should totally tell me who it is so that I might monitor the situation.

jasonS said...

I would say no, what would you benefit from following this person? I mean, you could try to reach out, but how effectively could you do that through twitter?

Helen said...

This is probably no help at all, but do what is in your heart. Which way does the Holy Spirit seem to be tugging? Not everyone who cusses is bad. I am not particularly comfortable with cussing, or with people who cuss, but sometimes you have to look past that stuff. Sometimes you gotta stomp your foot and say "NOT in MY home!" , which is what my mother would say to GUESTS who said stuff like that. They were lucky, because I'd get SMACKED! I got smacked once, decided I didn't like it. But that's not what you asked. You asked what you should do. I ask, is the Holy Spirit saying to look past it, or NOT on MY tweetdeck?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

tough one. Sounds like someone may need a t-shirt cannon surprise. Follow back and shoot them a few holy DMs. It's not like you haven't heard that stuff before.....

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Well clearly this is a teenager. That level of mood swinging is limited to adolescence.

And obviously you are called to serve youth.

So I think you know what God is telling you to do.

Saskia said...

Send them a link to "booty, God, booty" on SCL, then see if things improve. We've all been young and stupid once and that person might be still stuck in the "cursing shows I'm hip" phase. SCL will soon set her straight :)
(on the young and stupid thing, I'm 22, so I don't think I'm entirely over that yet, which is why I reserve the right to judge others ;))

Chris said...

So my first thought would be are you kidding? But then last night I was reading through my 16 yo's IMs and was floored by the language in a few of them. He doesn't talk that way! He's a Christian! I'm still pretty furious because I don't think being a teen is an excuse to be an idiot. But still, teens sometimes need an extra dose of grace.

Nick the Geek said...

First off, I wouldn't likely follow back to some teen girl I don't know. I worry that people think I'm a perv when they see my friends list on MySpace.

I think I sent you that in a dm.

Not knowing her was an immediate no for me. I don't freak to much when I see my teens doing this. It's weird but ...

I agree that just cussing or anything like that is acceptable as long as there is growth. I also believe Jesus spent much of his time with fishermen. Ever hang with fishermen? Yeah.

t-shirt cannon surprise. Frigintastic.

I am called to serve youth and this is how they are online. But I'm called to serve youth I can help so see above.

I love SCL and that post is in my top ten. I should just keep it bookmarked so I can send it to my Youth every time I read a blog or bulletin that looks like this.

Amazing how vulgar even the most upright of Youth can be isn't it. I am kidding about following back though.

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