Friday, February 13, 2009

I have mentioned the 24-7 prayer that we are planning. I explained how I feel God has led us to this and quite frankly God is working well to pave the way. Unfortunately I am running headlong into some of the same old crap that is the basis for why we need this.

I recently got an email forwarded to me by one of the other Youth ministers that I am working closely with to get the ball rolling on this. He informed a member of the local ministerial alliance so they could get the other ministers clued in and moving forward on this. OK fine we talked about this and it needed to happen. The guy responded back, "At some point I'd like to give you an outsider's (or insider's -- depending on where you stand) perspective on how some will understand/misunderstand the message of 24/7 and the video you put together." I get so frustrated with this guy. This attitude is the same kind of crap that pervades the ministerial alliance here. They can't get anything done because they focus on every little reason why they can't do anything. Before he started "helping" us we were doing just fine working with other churches. He is so concerned at all the little problems that might arise because we are non-liturgical and might offend liturgical churches with our mode of prayer or outreach or whatever. He wastes all our time in any meeting he is in focusing on the most useless details and we can't get anything done. Thank God that he doesn't come to every meeting. I'm sure somehow he is probably right, but in truth we have been working with the local Catholic parish since we got started and if they can live with our differences then I figure every church can.

The following is a public service announcement to this individual and anyone else that thinks like him.

I'm sick of worrying about who I may or may not offend. Let's face it, Jesus offended lots of people. Imagine if He had spend all His time worrying about that. There in Gethsemane He would have been all, "Hey Dad, I know that the whole cross thing is suppose to go down tomorrow but I've been thinking that the Jews will call it cursed and the Gentiles foolish and we don't want to offend them. Sure we are talking about salvation for the entire world but hey offending people is really the thing we should be worrying about. Let's go ahead and call this off for now and do a few more planning meetings. Ok sure we did have like an infinite number of them already but you can never have enough meetings to discuss every detail." The conversation would go on for hours and the disciples couldn't be blamed for falling to sleep.

Holy freakin' crap let's just get the job done. If you are so worried about offending people then just stay in bed because you are going to offend people. If Jesus, as in God Himself, offended people then what hope do we have with all our plans on how not to offend people. Sure we can worry about doing blatantly stupid things, but go check out the video we don't say anything particularly offensive. Ok I say the word "hell" and I say that thousands are going there in our little town. If that offends you then you probably aren't concerned with praying for the lost so I'm not going to worry too much if you don't join us. In fact I don't really care if you want to join our little group. More than that if you don't believe in hell and the fact that Jesus is the only way then I will go so far as to say that I hope you don't ever try to join our group so long as you hold to that view. I don't have time to put up with people that don't get it so get out of my way and let me do what God has called us all to do.

Come on, if we are going to worry about every little thing then don't even get up in the morning. Any number of things could happen so why bother living at all.

Hey if this offended you then get over it. I know not nice but deal with it. I don't really feel like putting up with anyone that gets so easily offended. Instead of getting angry with me why don't you just go do what God is calling you to do? Oh you don't think God is calling you to tell people about Jesus or something? Try reading your Bible. Time and time again this is spelled out. Jesus came to Earth and lived, died, and lived again just to save you and then asked you to go tell others about it even if it offends them. He said they would be offended and even hate you. Get over it. Boo hoo they don't like me … blah blah blah … What did they torture you and hang you on a cross to die? No? Really? Jesus went through that and totally forgave the guys doing it so grow up and stop focusing on the crap.

Now get off your hump and do something useful with your life instead of complaining to me because I'm about to put us both out of our misery via my steel toed size 12 upside your head.

This has been a public service announcement by Nick the Geek's disgruntled twin, Jon the Grump.


sherri said...

Jesus did offend on a regular basis. He usually offended the Pious religious leaders.

And, much like the man you spoke about here, they were always LOOKING for a problem with this or that.

If I know in my heart that my motives are pure and my attitude is in check, I don't worry about offending. But it is something I am always conscious of and probably growing up in a Pastor's home festered the problem.

Someone was ALWAYS calling or coming over because they were offended.(Either by the sermon, or another member, or the color of the church carpet...) It got really old.

Nick the Geek said...


Yep Jesus was totally radical to the people of his day and I think he calls us to be radical today. I know that I'm going to offend people in the established church but I figure I'll live my life right because I've seen it in church plenty and there are people that will get offended no matter what so do the right thing and stop letting fear of offending derail you before you ever get started.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I work with John Maxwell (former pastor and leadership speaker), and one of his sayings that I really love is, "You choose who you lose."

As a leader, you WILL offend. But if you spend all your time trying to please and placate the easily-offended, then you lose the people who can actually grow into leaders themselves.

katdish said...

Sorta of off topic, but:

I remember going to Sunday School classes when I was a small child and hearing all these sweet stories about Jesus and all the pictures of him with baby animals and children. It wasn't until I fell away, finally was baptised and began reading the bible myself instead of being spoon fed stories that I realized what a truly outrageous, radical, offensive dude Jesus was. And while the disciples were some thick-headed goobers for the most part while Jesus walked on the earth, they finally got with the program. We SHOULD be radical. If we're attempting to proclaim the truth of the Gospel, we should expect to offend some people.

Nick the Geek said...


That is one of the greatest struggles of a minister I think. We know that Jesus left the 99 to get the one because the one has great value, but we also know that sometimes one of the 99 will wonder off while the shepherd is fetching the one.

For me, though, I feel like the ones that are in the church should grow up. I'm not talking about the ones that are new. Those are usually pretty forgiving. It is the ones that have been in the way all their life. They need to get out of the way and get to work.

Nick the Geek said...


Actually totally on topic and I wish more people would get it and get with it.

Beth said...


First let me say....that video was great and I'm excited about what God is going to do with a whole week of prayer in your community. I hope people really see the need for doing this and sign up! I think those that are seeking after God will see past any style differences in order to unify as a church wanting to reach out...

Last year I found myself in charge of music for my city's day of prayer. Talk about a challenge! Most days it wasn't pretty to manage, everyone was kind of freaked out because we were SO different in the way we did stuff, but it happened and we had a variety of styles of music and prayer and church backgrounds (including the liturgical crowd to the free wheeling, speaking in tongues crowd) and I was very thankful to be a part of it even if it wasn't perfect or hugely attended.

So keep on keepin' on, even if there are naysayers. God knows your heart. And this is too important to get sidetracked...

On a side note, are you using any resources from the International House of Prayer movement? Our church has recently got involved with the IHOP in our area and they are pretty amazing. It's a stretch for me...whole new way to pray and worship that I've never been exposed to before, but you might find some useful stuff! They've been praying for 10 years straight at the one in Kansas City.

Nick the Geek said...


Thanks, I would have liked to have done the video differently but I really didn't have the time. I'm glad that people like how it turned out.

I am familiar with IHOP as more than just a good place for pancakes but we aren't using their resources. I should look into it and see if there is anything there for us to use. Thanks for the suggestion.

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