Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is actually dated technology but it is coming mainstream sooner than I expected, which is wicked awesome. I first became aware of this kind of thing 4 years ago and last year (or late 2007) Apple showed some places they are headed with the technology. MS has started showing what they are planning and is talking actual rollout. Basically I need a few grand for the commercial unit but in 3 years or so they will be much more affordable so I'm gonna have to start saving now.

Me want.


bman said...

This is so crazy! I can't see what it is! Now you've got my interest all piqued and everything!

What is it?!

Nick the Geek said...


I sent you an email. I'm del your comment but only because you might not want your email floating around like that. Good way to get spam.


You can't see the video? Search for table top computer. In google the very first link I get takes me to this video on MSNBC. It is a multi touch display embedded into a table. They've only shown the tip of the iceberg with what you could do using this kind of system. In one video they open with the scene from Minority Report, and quite frankly this is about what you could get eventually using some other technology.

With a little tweaking you can combine ir sensor technology and a projector to create this kind of interactive surface on any wall. With a little more work you can make those interactive surfaces follow you from room to room and rotate to any wall in whatever room you are in. You could even "send" you screen around the room by passing it from one person to another.

A great example would be a class room where the teacher could work off the wall but also have students "pass" their screen up to the wall if the teacher is willing to "catch" it.

My not so inner geek really gets excited about this kind of stuff.

Jan said...

The useless knowledge for today "A rat can squeeze through an opening no larger than a dime." is totally grossing me out since we are dealing with a rat infestation in our sewers. ICK ICK ICK!

Nick the Geek said...


You probably don't want to know that a mouse can fit through a hole 1/4" in diameter. Basically if the head will fit so will the mouse or rat.

We had a major mouse problem. When my wife and I got married we got gerbils and made the mistake of putting their food in a spot the mice could get to. That stuff is like super food for mice and before we knew there was a problem they had stolen a lot of food and hidden it somewhere in the house.

They got so populated the would run around the computer desk while I was working on my school work with no fear. We tried several kinds of traps before going with poison. They stole a couple boxes of poison to their stash of gerbil food and then they disappeared. I was afraid to use the poison because of the smell I expected but it is a desiccant so they get really thirsty before they die. This means most leave the house for water before they die. The few that didn't were little mouse mummies. Gross but not stinky.

bman said...

Wow! That does sound awesome! Thanks!

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