Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I think life would be more interesting if giant monsters occasionally walk through town. It seems to work out for Tokyo. Sure a bunch of people die but generally things are better, plus if you didn't see the giant mecha lizard fighting the real giant lizard thing and giant moth and think, "*hmmm, maybe I should go the other direction till the all clear is sounded*" (translated from Japanese) then you probably deserve a Darwin award. It's not like Godzilla is a freaking ninja or something. Each step has got to be heard for miles. Just head to the country for a couple days and come back so you can collect your insurance check. Great way to spend the holiday.

It would be a convenient way to deal with some annoying people too. Hey I was just thinking, "did I leave the oven on back at the apartment, could you please go check for me. I'd hate for the place to burn down with a giant mole creature digging about." See how easy that would be? Yeah I thought so too.

Anyways, last night we had out "fun" activity. I'm a bit frustrated because we have to limit what we can do because one person says she can't afford anything that costs money. In the summer that isn't so hard but when it is getting cold out I'd like to do some stuff inside that might cost $5-10. I don't think that is unreasonable for a once a month expense. Bowling is cheep and fun for a small group but I pretty well have to either cut this person out or have her come along but sit there looking bored thus making us all miserable. I've offered to pay but if we don't pay for everyone she refuses. Irritating.

Anyways, last night we did a b (or would it be a z) monster movie. This is a classic that has already been riffed by Mystery Science Theater. Attack of the Gila Monster. All things considered it is actually a better movie than most movies they show on SciFi (I don't like calling it SyFy because it seems to lame). The point of watching it isn't for the entertainment value of the movie as much as the audience participation. If you have a 2-3 people that can really rip a movie then you are set for a great evening. We had it on a giant movie screen with 8 of us and a monster sound system so that made it ever more fun. After I showed a short segment of a film done in Path├ęcolor just so everyone could appreciate technocolor. Seriouslt, blacka nd white is better than Path├ęcolor.

Now if you are curious about The Attack of the Gila Monster, then here it is from Hulu.

If you would rather watch the Mystery Science Theater 3k version I can help you out as well.

All the parts are on YouTube. Funny Stuff.