Thursday, October 30, 2008

I really love being a Youth Pastor. There aren't many ministry positions where you are not only allowed to shoot the people you are ministering to but they actually want you to do it. Of course I'm speaking of Paint Ball. I'm just now getting into the sport and have discovered a whole new world of causing pain in a good way. If you are female you may not totally understand this statement. Let me give you some insight into guys everywhere. We hate being hurt but love hurting others. In fact the joy we find in hurting others overcomes our distaste for pain. That is why men get into full contact sports.

A typical mother might say, "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." The typical male would append, at least in his head, "then it's freaking hilarious."

That is why paintball is so appealing. You get to "kill" people without really hurting them, but you also get to compare bruises. If you have the worst you win which makes it better, if you friend has the worst you get the joy of poking him in the ribs over the next week and remembering how fun it was to put 3 rounds in the exact same spot.

Paintball is a bonding experience and I for one am down with it.


Jordan said...

I. Heart. Guns.
That is all =)

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