Friday, October 24, 2008

I am running out of unique ways to describe the sequels here. Now I know why Hollywood comes up with the same boring thing over and over so very often.

So we have finally reached head wear. Personally I hardly ever wear anything on my head. I, much like the peach, have hair so I don't really need anything on my head. In fact I have more hair than I really need and so wearing hats can be a bit hot, but I do have a few and I love them even if I don't wear them through most of the summer for fear of heat stroke.

Ball Caps:

This is the only style of hat I own. I only follow NCAA and High school sports so I only have like 3 or 4 hats all Oklahoma University. Ball caps can be worn many different ways, but think before you start wearing your hat all lopsided. Are you cool enough to pull off this look without embarrassing your teens? To be honest most teens wearing their hat like this aren't cool enough to pull it off and that means you have to be some uber cool YP and at that point it doesn't actually matter what you wear, show up in a wife beater and overalls if you want. If I wear my hat it is faced forward and straight or if I need to get up close to what I'm working on I will turn it around backwards.


If you are French or Samuel L. Jackson you can work the Barrett, if you are the rest of the world please let this fad die in peace. This goes for all similar hat styles.


I know the new Indy movie has you wanting to rock the leather jacket, whip, and fedora combo, but remember, if you aren't willing to reach back under a giant stone slap as it is crashing down to save your precious hat, you probably shouldn't be wearing one.

Cowboy hat:

These are available is several styles and all are totally appropriate in Texas. In the rest of the world they are only to be worn if you are trying to be ironic. Since most Youth don't completely grasp the concept of dressing ironically you might want to leave the 10 gallon at home.

This week as been fun. If you have been looking at this as actual style tips please understand that you need to dress like who you are. Nothing is worse than trying to be someone else, even if that person is super awesomely cool. Consider Mr. T; this guy is so incredibly cool that he can pity all the fools not as cool as him, but would you really want to sport the 50lbs of gold chains around your neck look? Of course not, first off you aren't tough enough. The weight would only be tolerable compared to the pain of getting mugged. The worst thing about dressing like someone you are not is that everyone will know it isn't you and so they won't listen to what you have to say.

If you are a nerd, geek, jock, gamer, cowboy, metro, … be fully you. You will then attract kids that will look up to you for who you are and hear your message about Christ because you are uniquely you.


jake - aka the comment novelist said...

Awesome way to wrap this series up!

Now I have to find time in my schedule to come back and read the rest of the archives...

Nick the Geek said...

Jake - aka the comment novelist,
Thanks for coming by and commenting on some of my older stuff.

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