Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This week has been interesting. Over the weekend I went on a trip with some of the members of the Youth that said they want to be leaders. I learned that 2 of 6 are ready to start down that path and one that I have done a lot for lately, I mean a LOT for, is terribly ungrateful and is now planning on attending another church. I'm not too worried about it though. I'm not about fighting to keep, God will take care of that. I was very frustrated Sunday because I gave up my weekend with my family and missed my kids dressed up for Halloween and felt very unappreciated, but God is faithful so I put my trust in Him.

Monday I was still trying to get over it and didn't really want to work but had responsibilities. One of those was teaching the NOT (Not on Tobacco) class. After the class one of the student's step mom came in to talk to me. Apparently the student has talked about me quite a bit and I've made a serious impression on him. More than that she expressed an interest in going back to church and might be attending our Sunday service this week. It really confirmed to me that I'm doing the right thing by getting out of the church.

Today I learned that we will be hosting Angel Food Ministries much sooner than I was expecting. I sent an email asking questions and then called because I wasn't patient enough to wait for the response. After getting my questions answered I applied but was told it would take 10 weeks to process the application. The thing is, the email went through channels and the VA area leader lives pretty close. She called and found out we had already applied so she is pushing to get us setup as a partner site with a church about half an hour away because she really wants to get a distribution site in our town right away. We will become a host site once the application runs its course, but God is in control and the way I went about it resulted in us being contacted sooner than the normal application process allows. We should be able to do our first distribution before Christmas. I'm really excited.

Tonight was Young Adults class and it went very well. A couple of the group that have really started opening up the past couple of weeks.

In general I'm over the frustration because God goes before me. I don't like when things don't go well, but I do like hen God reminds me He is with me even in the middle of great grumpitude on my part.