Friday, September 11, 2009

Candy aka @CandySteele has made many Twitter Hoedowns because she is so giving. In that nature I have decided to give her a very special blog post dedicated to her twitter ho prowess. Now I could go dredge up old posts about moaning in the hospital with her husband or beating dead whores or even a recent tweet where she said I was a dirty moron, but I am not dwelling on the past, well past the last week. That said, here is the latest and greatest Candy tweets.

CandySteele: Just repaired a toilet, which is pretty amazing since I've never understood how they work in the first place. Still don't.

PuriChristos: @CandySteele um, do I want to know why/how it was broken? I'm guessing a green monster too many.

CandySteele: @PuriChristos Nothing like that - it was constantly running and then no water would stay in the bowel

PuriChristos: @CandySteele ewww. the definately too many green monsters

PuriChristos: @CandySteele I had that problem before, but it cleared up in a day or so. Don't drink the water south of the border.

CandySteele: @PuriChristos ugh, I've already made next week's hodown and this Friday isn't even over yet.

PuriChristos: @CandySteele u know I'm going to start on the post so I can put the conversation together properly.

CandySteele: @PuriChristos or improperly, as it will be. You're a master twister of words, you know.

PuriChristos: @CandySteele I only post what was said.

CandySteele: @redclaydiaries I feel your heat. Mine's sitting on a pillow. and it's still hot. No hope of a Mac here :(

CandySteele: @PuriChristos yeh, catchy and hot.

PeterPollock: I have been so busy this week. I've pretty much had time for nothing at all! What have I missed?

PuriChristos: @PeterPollock @CandySteele had too many green monsters and dynamite rolls that cause a problem with her bowel and then her toilet

PuriChristos: @PeterPollock also @CandySteele said she is hot and easy to catch ... u need to pray 4 her

PuriChristos: @CandySteele at least you don't have bear butt sparkles like @redclaydiaries

There was a great play fight between @PuriChristos and @Weightwhat. Short version is @Weightwhat is a mega twerp that smells like poo and @CandySteele tied to stop the fight like a good mom and @Helenatrandom tried to invoke nun power but the nun ended up quitting the order and becoming a short order cook where she smack bikers with her spatula … or something like that.

CandySteele: @HerbieGookins that scratching is so hardwired. They don't even know they do it.

HerbieGookins: @candysteele Don't tell him I told you...but Mr. Gookins totally scratches in his SLEEP! :)

CandySteele @HerbieGookins ah yes, that happens at my house, too.

CandySteele: @PuriChristos that's not fair. We're trying to rid the NFL and the male species of their issues.

CandySteele: @PuriChristos You are so cruel. I hope you have to go back to the dentist. I'll bet you even scratched while you were there.

I just want to say thanks to @CandySteele for helping with my twitter hoedown by always saying the right (wrong?) thing. Still, she is a great friend despite the regular Freudian slips. She is a great encourager and keeps me from killing myself through personal neglect. Candy is a mom in her innermost being and it shows, so if you want to follow someone unintentionally funny and incredibly compassionate then follow @CandySteele.


Candace Jean July 16 said...

you failed to mention that I corrected (most of) my tweeted indiscretions. My size 9's fit well into my mouth, yes? ugh.

Marni said...

Picking on our Candy like that. For shame!

But I will say this, the two of you on Twitter are far more entertaining each evening than anything the networks run on primetime ;-)

Sarah Salter said...

I gotta agree with Marni here. Have you ever thought of taking this show on the road?

Wendy said...

Is supplying blog fodder a spiritual gift? Because Candy's got it in spades. :o)

Helen said...

Candy really is the sweetest!

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